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Eurocompany’s founding principle is anunwavering commitment  to 100%

customer satisfaction.


Eurocompany’s founding principle is an unwavering commitment  to 100% customer satisfaction. 

This means making safe and excellent-tasting products that contribute towards a nutritionally balanced diet. 


For this reason, Eurocompany strives to ensure safety by 

implementing strict daily assessments ofallingredients, manufacturing processes and  final products. To this end, Eurocompany has always fostered state-of-the-art technology innovation in selecting its facilities and equipment for infrastructures- an investment that improves our staff’s work environment and the community at large. 


Eurocompany’s top objective is to promote a deep understanding of all its manufacturing processes in order to reach the highest quality of its products.



Since 1999, Eurocompany’s quality system has been certified.

Eurocompany has identified quality, staff involvement and motivation as its core strategy to reach satisfaction of its clients and to further extend its penetration of the markets. 


To accomplish of these objectives, Eurocompany equipped the organization with a management system for compliance of voluntary ISO 9001, in place until 2006.


The adherence to this regulation allowed the company to increase its knowledge regarding the principles of Quality and Ongoing improvement.


2006 was year that signaled change: elements such as Eurocompany’s organizational dimensions, the types of activities carried out, the organizationl, managerial and cultural level of the target food market, from supply to sale, have oriented the company toward specific standards such as the BRC and IFS standards


In 2007 Eurocompany significantly obtained BRC and IFS certifications. 

These are the most recent food safety standards that guarantee the compliance of suppliers and demonstrate the capacity to ensure the quality and safety of food products, a fundamental requirement for not only English, German and French retail distribution chains but also for a growing number of other European distributers.


Everything begins from the ingredients- we produce where Nature gives its best. 

A proper selection of raw material suppliers and packaging is carefully conducted in light of the skills garnered over a 30 year period.

Eurocompany chooses its suppliers from those sources that guarantee only the best cultivation of dried fruit: Italy for hazelnuts and walnuts, Israel and Egypt for peanuts, Iran and California for pistachios, California for almonds and walnuts, Turkey for sultana raisins and apricots and Israel for dates.

Supplier assessment is carried out through direct auditing: site assessment by the team in charge of supplies, cultivation and cultivation techniques applied in order to eliminate those cultivations which are not in compliance. 

 In addition,  packaging material is carefully assessed because it obviously needs to adhere to current safety regulations and guarantee that it does not constitute a risk to food products.

Each supply must be appropriately certified by the supplier and checked at the time of acceptance according to specific defined norms.


Ingredients and products are stored in appropriate spaces in controlled temperatures

All the raw material purchased from our suppliers is stored in refrigerated cells with a total capacity of over 10,000 tons. 

This exceptional level of storage allows us to conserve products in the best conditions during the months prior to successive productive steps.

The processing area includes various dry & oil roasting facilities.

The company’s productive area is equipped with modern plants for salting, frying and roasting the products.

Roasting equipment (dry & oil roasting):

• 2 belt conveyor ovens, with an overall hourly capacity for 4,000 kilos

• 2 rotating ovens for pumpkin seeds, with an overall hourly capacity for 1,000 kilos

• 1 fryer, with an overall hourly capacity for 1,500 kilos.

The processing parameters are defined and checked during all the phases.


Packaging phase, checks and traceability

Packaging phase- given the type of product, it is the most critical moment of the production procedure and takes place in a recently enlarged and improved area.

The packaging area is equipped with modern packing machines that include cartoning machines.

Packaging plant:

-16 packaging lines,

 including: square bottom, 4 edge and pillow bags; cans, buckets, trays and vaccum-packed solutions.

The plants are equipped with a totally unique and innovative method in all the dried fruit and nut sector: a video monitoring system that inspects the product as it exits the roasting ovens and during the packaging phase by positioning cameras that scan to detect eventual foreign matter or product defects.

Packaging takes place in a protected and constantly supervised area with gas sensing devices; in addition the finished product is further inspected via metal detector to exclude any type of foreign metal particles.


How our products are born: the importance of the product development team

 Our products are the principle communication mode for reaching consumers: our first responsibility is to make natural and flavorful products.

The process that involves the inception of a product idea to its  development  is truly fascinating and includes a series of interactions among diverse types of experts and skills, and stems from a close rapport between those who conceive the idea and those who develop the product.

The fundamental tools available to reach this objective are the mastery of the technology,  structures, packaging material and expertise in the field of nutrition and nutritional technology.

The product development team is involved in the entire product life cycle starting from the conception of the ideas, to defining raw materials and suppliers, legal studies, nutritional aspects, productive and packaging technology. This is necessary to deliver a product from the laboratory to the shelf!


Eurocompany’s laboratory is its crowning achievement.

The arrival of the raw material, the processes involved and the finished product is inspected by an internal laboratory to verify the correspondence to Eurocompany’s commercial, chemical, physical and microbiological specifications.

The internal laboratory staff consists of three experts who are specialized in chemistry, microbiology and sensorial assessment. 

The laboratory is wisely equipped to carry out the principal strategic internal analysis of products in terms of oil content, absence of preservatives, salt and humidity. Furthermore, it conducts research to identify the principle microbiological parameters and chemical indicators of products’ state of preservation


We trace and track each lot we produce

Product tracing is guaranteed by the management software and by the recording of the Management Quality system that starts from the moment raw materials are received, when a lot number is assigned, and in all the following movements of the productive phase to the recording of production control, with the identification of the finished product lot which is recorded on the sale logs.

Thanks to the company Quality Management System and to the attention to traceability, Eurocompany is able to thoroughly monitor the entire history of its products, by being able to immediately verify any type of request or complaint on behalf of its clients.